The logfive plasma disinfection device

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Due to changing hygienic requirements, logfive has developed the idea for a hitherto unique, rapid, validated and cost-effective disinfection device using innovative cold plasma technology.

The safe and fast disinfection and decontamination of medical products as an alternative to cleaning, washing disinfection devices (WD) and solvent disinfection is becoming increasingly important, especially in medical care centers, in medical and dental practices and not just because of the corona pandemic.

Currently, there is no smart and simple disinfection device as a medical product which can, within minutes, safely and gently decontaminate medical or -non medical products which do not require sterilization.

With the following questionnaire the market needs, the necessity and the acceptance of such a disinfection device shall be determined and validated.

Please support this unique project with your participation in the marketing survey.

The modular disinfection device

The unique and modular concept guarantees by using plasma technology and a special oxidation process, fast, safe and material friendly disinfection of all non-critical, semi-critical A medical products and other goods only within a few minutes.

Thanks to its one-of-a-kind modularity and mobility, the planned logfive disinfection device is perfect for use in doctors’ and dentists’ practices, in medical services centers or at mobile nursing care services.

Further areas of application include the pharmaceutical industry, dentistry or commercial laboratories, hair salon, tattoo- or cosmetic studios, public institutions as well as the disinfection of objects in the home which are used on a daily basis.

Features of the logfive disinfection device

  • Unique concept guarantees fast and safe disinfection of medical and non-medical devices and instruments
  • Time- and cost-efficient as well as material-saving alternative to WD and solvent disinfection
  • Compact design and modular structure, expandable and versatile
  • Approval as a medical device
  • Mobile use possible
  • No damage or impairment of the disinfectant
  • Personalized disinfection of e.g. protective mouth masks, inhaler masks, etc. possible
  • Cost savings through reprocessing of instruments
  • Reduction of hazardous waste

Possible Applications

Thanks to different quick-change disinfection modules, the planned logfive disinfection device will offer decontamination options for numerous objects in nearly any area of application.

GP surgery & Medical care centres

instruments such as mirrors, probes, tweezers, bandage scissors, clamps, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, kidney bowls, mouth spatulas, inhaler masks, protective mouth masks

Dentists & Orthodontists & Dental Hygienist

instruments such as mirrors, probes, tweezers, rotating instruments such as drills, diamonds, hand pieces and contra-angles, polishers, prosthetic parts, crowns, bridges, prostheses, braces, impression spoons, face masks


optics, probes, ear specula, nasal specula, tongue depressors, instruments such as mirrors, tweezers

Urology & Gynaecology

transvaginal & transrectal ultrasound probes, specula, instruments such as mirrors, tweezers


endotracheal tubes, tubes, ventilation masks, laryngoscopes, spatulas, kidney bowls


glasses frames, baby pacifiers, breast pumps, baby bottles, prosthesis, braces, face masks

Design-Features of the logfive disinfection device

Market survey / questionnaire logfive disinfection device

We kindly ask you to give us a few minutes of your time to answer the questions listed below.

1. General data

only those who work on / with patients

2. Questions about the disinfection device

(Evaluation according to school system, 1- high - 5- low)

(Evaluation according to school system, 1- high - 5- low)

3. Completion

Thank you for your cooperation!
Every completed questionnaire takes part in a raffle to receive a free logfive device at market launch. A total of 10 devices will be raffled.
A legal claim is excluded.

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What kind of disinfection process is logfive using?

The logfive disinfection process takes place through a defined gassing of tri-oxygen gas in high concentration.
Tri-oxygen gas has a strong oxidative and thus sterilizing effect, which safely kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and germs.

How safe is the logfive disinfection process and the device?

The disinfection device and the process are designed in such a way that there is no danger to people or the environment.

Are additional products or educts required for the logfive disinfection process?

No, the logfive process does not require any additional products or materials, it is only fumigated with high concentrations of Tri-oxygen gas.

Are there any remains of the gas in the disinfection container after the five-minute disinfection process?

No, after the 5 minute process, all gas is eliminated from the container and the container can be opened.

How often can you reprocess e.g. inhaler masks, baby pacifiers or other plastic products and instruments with the logfive disinfection device?

In general, there are no limitations for multiple reprocessing. The logfive process will be safe and harmless for almost any kind of material.

Can products contaminated with blood, saliva or other liquids or other dirt be reprocessed with the logfive disinfection device?

No, before disinfection with the logfive device, contaminated and soiled products should first be cleaned. Please note: Disinfected or sterilized dirt remains dirt.